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Alex Lysak

CEO of ScanTeam / Digital Marketer

Alex is working in online marketing since 2011, his main areas of expertise are marketing research, social media marketing, and SEO. During 9 years of experience, he has helped many products and startups to develop marketing strategies and to implement them further.

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Power of Marketing Team

My love for marketing made it possible to gather a team of professionals from ScanTeam and achieve high results. Each project requires an individual approach and strategy. The best specialists from different marketing areas are working in the team for this reason.

Our team is constantly learning and improving its skills. Working in large-scale projects brings invaluable experience!

What we do

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    Marketing Research

    We perform a deep analysis of online niches based on the gathering of huge amounts of data from competitors. We study the needs of the target audience and offer solutions to specific problems. We make marketing plans by traffic sources: Paid Ads, Media Buying, Social Media Marketing, App Promotion, etc.

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    Startup Consulting

    Development of product marketing strategies for primary testing, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) debugging. Analyzing results, performing in-depth analysis and adjusting plans.

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    SEO Research

    Competitor analysis and SEO marketing plans made for Google. Content marketing and linkbuilding strategies. Recommendations on improving technical website optimization to boost organic traffic from search engines.

Our Team

  • Daniel Bennet

    Daniel Bennet

    Content Marketing


    He has been involved in internet marketing for more than 5 years and develops content strategies.

  • Kevin Cochran

    Kevin Cochran

    Project Marketing


    He manages teams in IT companies for over 7 years, adjusts teamwork and business processes

  • Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Thomas

    Marketing Analyst


    She has a deep understanding of the configuration of web analytics, data collection, and analysis; works in the area of Big Data.

  • Sultés Szilvia

    Sultés Szilvia

    PR Manager


    PR manager with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and gambling industry. She is organized, goal-oriented, attentive to details, and committed to excellence

  • Martim Nabeiro

    Martim Nabeiro

    Semi-professional Gambler


    He is a semi-professional gambler, who always up to date with the latest news of the iGaming. Journalist who tries to make his reviews as detailed as possible.

  • Eliasz Nowak

    Eliasz Nowak



    Professional marketing specialist, who works with all online advertising sources and knows how to set it up in the best way.

  • Klara Czerwinska

    Klara Czerwinska

    Content Marketing


    She' s been working with content for over 6 years. She keeps track of the latest trends and uses them to create and distribute content

  • Jacek Michałski

    Jacek Michałski



    He works with all major analytical and advertising tools to develop effective strategies.

  • Natalia Stashkevych

    Natalia Stashkevych

    Editorial Manager


    She has been working with content in different areas of expertise for more than 8 years now. Natalia speaks English, German and Polish fluently and also keeps the finger on the pulse of the latest content management trends.


  • Fedor Karmanov

    This team have proven to be reliable partner and delivered high quality services in all aspects of toolookapp marketing. The team showed dedication and invested a lot of efforts in understanding our product and business model, created a proper strategy following which resulted in over 3 000 000 installs in 1.5 months.

    Fedor Karmanov

    CEO at Toolook, Inc

  • Sviatoslav Malanov

    ScanTeam did an outstanding job with our SEO! The site started generating quality leads really fast and some of them shortly turned into contracts. Their costs was ten times returned within a month.

    Sviatoslav Malanov

    Litslink co-founder and CMO

  • Denys Berestyuk

    Alex and his team has been a great augmentation partner to our in-house SEO team. They quickly helped us develop areas of our SEO strategy by finding really high quality opportunities. Thank you for 2 years of great collaboration!

    Denys Berestyuk

    Forward CEO at Wedding

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Launch of We have completely relaunched the project! 15 years ago, this site was launched as a large portal, which mainly covered the offline casinos in Canada. But time does not stand still, and over the years we have realized that the focus should not be just on offline but also on online casinos. In addition, …
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Interview with Alex Lysak, CEO of ScanTeam


Interview with Alex Lysak, CEO of ScanTeam Alex Lysak is the leader of our ScanTeam team, he is very passionate about marketing and has been working in the industry for over 10 years. In this interview, I tried to ask him a couple of interesting questions to find out about his professional experience in more detail:) Hi Alex, today I will torment …
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