About Scanteam

We believe that we’ll manage to build the best project in the field of iGaming. Some of the leading experts in the online gambling niche work with us.

Our mission 

We aim to become the world’s #1 for organic traffic in the iGaming niche, launch projects in 20+ countries on all continents and provide users with the best and most complete information about all online casinos.

Development plan

We began the development of our projects with Canada. It`s one of the most competitive and complex regions.

Poland became the next country (the website is kasynos.online). Moreover, we are planning to launch projects in such regions as Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, and several others. We are also taking a closer look at analyzing the Asian market.

In addition to the standard development of our websites, our team plans to connect other channels for attracting traffic, especially Youtube and Social Media.

Who we are

We are a team of marketing experts who are madly in love with keen on the iGaming field.

Our approach

The quality of the projects is our focus. We study each casino and its reviews in great detail and then we create our unbiased content. Our task is to provide the most reliable information about casinos in the most accessible and comprehensive way. For example, if a casino deceives people, we will warn players about it. We also have a page with a description of our review process for casinosread here.

First of all, the projects we work on are for active players who like to play casino games and want to do it safely. We also know that there are people who have problems with gambling. For them, our team also notes that playing in a casino is, first and foremost, a risk. You can either win or lose. Gambling should be just for entertainment purposes, and no one should try to make money on it.

We do not sell ads on our sites and do not charge money for reviews from any casino. The main focus is to provide information as it is!

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