Canadian Online Gambling Industry in Numbers

Here in Canada, the gambling market is a real paradise for those who enjoy placing bets. The industry is evolving, adding more novelties for local operators and players. Today, at least 19.3 million active online gamblers keep on placing their stakes, and it’s not the limit.

Canada is ranked as the 8th country according to the spending on casino games. Moreover, some provinces are launching local online projects and providing corresponding licenses. These areas are Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. ScanTeam analyzed the gambling industry in Canada and will provide the report with all the statistics here!

Overview of Gaming in Canada

According to the number of active gamblers, Canadians appreciate this activity and place stakes more often than players in other areas. The industry itself is more available in comparison to, for example, the United States, so online players can access different bonuses, a broad variety of games, and different iGaming events. Even the fiscal year 2017/2018 brought an income of $2.49 billion to the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Authority. The most beneficial things, which stand for the market’s development, include:

  • Fast and easy-to-process payments
  • The presence of cryptocurrency
  • New games released by top providers
  • Fair and regular bonuses
  • Mobile optimization and apps
  • Tournaments to get more rewards
  • VIP programs for regular users
  • Support available 24/7

Overview of Gaming in Canada

The Size of the Canadian Online Gaming Market

Canadian gamblers place bets on most local and international sites. As for offshore projects, they spend at least $4 billion a year. This seems to be a big amount until you find out that $16 billion is spent by Canadians at home. This means that the gambling industry here is growing massively.

The online market is becoming wider and more attractive thanks to different tools and solutions, including mobile gaming, which involves solutions for 4G, 5G, iOS, and Android, Live games held in real studios, free demonstrative versions, and bonuses for online players. Besides, the range of operators is much wider, so Canadians are spoilt for choice.

Statistically, the global gambling industry is going to reach a revenue of $180 billion in near future. As for the casino gambling industry in Canada, the revenue per year is estimated as $31 billion in gross, according to HLT Advisory was part of a much broader national study conducted in tandem with the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA). Unlike US and UK gamblers, Canadians spend more, so on average, each player deposits $824.68 per year.

Canadian Gaming Association report also states that the industry is beneficial for the country because of a range of full-time jobs arranged. For now, the industry provides over 135,000 jobs worth $15 billion.

The Size of the Canadian Online Gaming Market

What Kind of Online Gaming Companies Operate in Canada?

Here in Canada, the industry is very diversified, which allows a wide range of companies to join the market.

Sports betting is represented by numerous online bookmakers with different events on offer and good odds. When it comes to other activities, they are all available at online casinos. Among them, you can check out slots, table games, live, lotteries, and more. The online gambling industry analysis shows that these 2 directions are the largest and keep on increasing, covering the larger area.

Besides, the industry is dealing with some local establishments, including solutions for sports betting and lottery.

Most Popular Online Gambling Products

The variety of software types and events to choose from is excellent in Canada, so there are loads of corresponding products to choose from.

According to online gambling statistics in Canada, 65% of Canadians play lotteries from time to time. As for scratch cards, they are enjoyed by 36%. And 22% state that placing bets is their favorite activity. Moreover, nearly 50% of gamblers are fond of slot machines.

Lotteries are so popular not only because they are engaging but also because they are widely accepted. Nearly 19 million players out of 37.59 million citizens buy lottery cards or play lottery online.

Casino games are just as popular here, as well as sports betting. Among all players, 3.5% prefer card games and 3.5% appreciate horse racing.

In 2020, the revenue was falling because of COVID19. For example, the revenue of land-based casinos in the province of Alberta fell by 24%. But in 2022, the situation significantly improves for the better, allowing the market to compensate for the previous losses and even increase the income level.

Most Popular Online Gambling Products


Gambling is appreciated by all Canadian players. The Internet gambling statistics state that casino games here are played by 57% of men and 43% of women. And it’s worth noting that female players opt for mobile solutions more often.

The province of Quebec with a population of 1.9 million is aimed at French-speaking users. As for the other big cities, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver accept both English and French, providing big facilities for players.

In Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Ottawa the casino age is 18, while most other provinces accept users of 19+.

Canadian Online Gambling Industry - Demographics

Player Age Differences and Preferences

As for the age, the largest group consists of players 18 to 34 years old who are interested in online gambling, and it’s 16% of all gamblers in the local industry. However, most gamblers are of the age of 35 to 50 years old. Bingo players are older Canadians of 40+, and younger players will enjoy more active games like instant-win games or fast-paced tables. Surprisingly, slots are played by gamblers over 55 years old, though new titles with more complicated mechanics will be appreciated by young gamblers. The same is with crash games and other titles aimed at cryptocurrency users.

Future of the Industry

If we compare the years 2002 and 2018, the progress is significant as the number of casinos doubled from 78 to 147. And though the year 2019 affected the industry because of COVID19, it also proved that the market can adapt to new circumstances, and this provided for more facilities for online solutions and remote gambling, which is now more and more popular here. Accessible mobile internet also provides for this.

The year 2022 features a pre-existing growth trend of online solutions. The technology is developing, adding more live studios and games provided via video streaming services. VR technologies are also going to become a tendency. The general gambling statistics in Europe show that in 2022, 85.5% of the legal market is compared with 14.5% of the shadow industry. Better still, it’s expected that the legal market will be growing even more, coming up to 88.6% in 2026.

The same is with gambling statistics in Canada. But it’s true for the online market, which is proved by Tony Rodio, CEO of Great Canadian Gaming. He states that ‘online gaming operators have an advantage over brick-and-mortar casinos in Ontario’s new iGaming market.’ He adds that licensed operators get more advantages as the taxes will be lower, which allows local casinos to stay competitive. Analysts expect that Ontario’s licensed market will generate gross revenues of C$989 in its first year of opening.

This proves that ScanTeam selected this vector not just because, and the Canadian market is extremely ambitious!



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