Interview with Alex Lysak, CEO of ScanTeam

Alex Lysak is the leader of our ScanTeam team, he is very passionate about marketing and has been working in the industry for over 10 years. In this interview, I tried to ask him a couple of interesting questions to find out about his professional experience in more detail:)

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Hi Alex, today I will torment you with questions a little bit.

Hi Michelle, no problem, I’m ready:)


What is your experience in online marketing?

Back in 2009, I started doing the first sites, and my professional career began in 2011. For the first 4 years, I managed to work in the positions from SEO Junior Specialist to Head of SEO Department. In 2015, I opened the Mirai Net agency and closed it at the end of 2019. Currently, I am engaged in developing projects only in ScanTeam.


You previously had a marketing agency, why did you close it? 

The agency provided a wide range of services in the field of Internet marketing – from SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing to App Promotion. I gained a lot of experience during that time, since there were many projects in almost all regions of the world. And I had to close the company due to the fact that no matter how hard you tried to do your job well, there was always a client side. We didn’t manage to implement some things, sometimes there were disagreements in decision-making, etc. Therefore, it was decided to close the agency and start creating and promoting only our own projects, where you can completely influence the result.


Why did you decide to promote projects in the gambling niche?

I have extensive experience working in such competitive niches as software development, payday loans and others. Now I decided to try my hand at the online casino segment because it is one of the most competitive and interesting areas. Here you can really show what you are capable of. It’s a real challenge! 🙂


Can you tell me how big your team is?

Our team structure is standard for most IT companies, which is the matrix organizational structure. We have several departments, including development, project management, content, marketing, PR, SMM, and HR. Each team has from 2 to 5 people.


What markets are you targeting?

We have plans to launch projects in many regions of the world, I think there will be 20+. The main ones are Canada, New Zealand, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, and others. We also analyze some Asian countries, and we are going to deal with them a little later – there is already so much work:)


Is it hard to work with Google, especially with its constant updates?

The main thing is to do good projects that meet people’s needs. It is important to work well on the content, on the site itself, its promotion, and most importantly, to have people/experts from the iGaming niche in the team. If somebody plays in a casino, this is a plus in the CVs of the people we hire:)

Generally speaking, it’s better to start thinking how to stop being dependent on Google as the main channel for attracting traffic. This applies to absolutely all niches and projects in the world.


What about your hobbies?

I like to travel, especially by car. So, I travel with my family a lot and quite often. In the near future I plan to visit most European countries by car. I regularly go to the gym and jog to keep fit:)


Do you play casino yourself?

Somehow I am not particularly attracted to online games, I can rarely play poker. I like this kind of game, especially when there is a good group of friends for it. But otherwise, I prefer to play with Google:)


Thank you, Alex, for your honest answers, I think the interview was interesting for our readers. Stay tuned for our future updates!

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