Launch of, a real guide for Swiss gamblers

The core idea of our work is based on transparency and availability for gambling customers, and we are sure that detailed guides with explanations of basic things and relevant reviews will be useful for those who want to learn more about the world of online casinos or find out some new facts. And as Switzerland is a legal area that accepts gambling, here comes our guide launched in December 2021.

Project release date: December 2021

Region: Switzerland

Well-structured and Functional Platform

We save your time by delivering relevant and useful information and, more importantly, provide it on a well-structured website so that you can find everything you need without wasting time on useless searches. And the things that we provide on the platform cover loads of subjects, including reviews of the most reliable Swiss casinos, games that players can try out for money or for free right on our site, and more.

The fact that the site is available in 2 languages allows more players to reach its content. And when it comes to any review from our team, it’s also well-structured and full of essential details, such as:

  • Basic facts like the year of establishment
  • Licensing and legal position on the Swiss market
  • Information about payments, including services and limits
  • Available games and their free versions
  • Contacts and the estimation of the support work
  • Our experience of the overall experience on the site
  • Feedback from other Swiss players and free space for your comments


As for the platform’s design, we decided not to invent something extraordinary as the main focus should be on the filling rather than on its wrapping. That’s why our designers took into account the structure mentioned above and picked up the design that will contribute to the easy search and smooth information perception.

Of course, the interface still has its unique highlights not to be boring and monotonous. We selected white, blue, and red colours for the basic layout and opted for informative banners and colourful icons to attract readers’ attention to bonuses, widgets to change the language, links to the leading casinos, and other details that may come in handy.

Opportunities for Mobile Users

Both Swiss operators and our team take care of convenient and intuitive tools for mobile users. That’s why the entire content at is mobile-friendly and those who want either to read or even to play are welcome to cover these needs via phones and tablets. - mobile plus desctop

Trustworthy Reviews

Of course, we couldn’t leave unattended the process of how we overview Swiss gambling sites for our rating. Before the review is released, a team of players and those who read the conditions in detail start exploring a site, making a deposit, placing real bets, getting and wagering bonuses, and withdrawing funds then.

In addition, we read the feedback from other customers and find out whether the audience is satisfied. Then, we deliver reviews in 2 languages and create a rating of the best ones. The rating and the review, in general, are updated when changes at an overviewed casino take place. At the end of each review, you will notice a field for leaving a comment, so feel free to share your opinion or offers. - casino reviews

Top Licensed Casinos for Ranking

Our reputation is important for us as we are working for quality, not quantity. And we can’t afford to recommend Swiss casinos that can disappoint you. That’s why information about the reliability of each is double-checked and the presence of licenses on each of these sites is a must.

Regularly Updated Content

As we’ve said, we strive to make our reviews maximally true and relevant. For this reason, we have to take into account that certain conditions, especially the ones related to casino bonuses, may change from time to time. That’s why as soon as this happens, we are ready to be the first to find out about it and update our reviews so as not to mislead our readers.

Statistical Data

A lot of work around has already been done and we are going to add more things in the near future as we believe that development is the key to success. Currently, the project has information about top online casinos in Switzerland, guides for playing table games, useful facts about payments, free slots, and, of course, bonuses. Pretty soon, more reviews of casinos and games will be added. - statistics data

Social Networks

To follow the news of the gambling world in Switzerland and receive notifications as well as summaries of all our reviews, subscribe to our channels on Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. We guarantee that it will be interesting and informative.

Our Plans

As sitting idly is not about our company, we are going to continue developing honest gambling entertainment in Switzerland. We also want to gather a wider audience of Swiss players and make an environment where players will feel protected and free to both find fair reviews and share comments of their own.

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